How to win money playing Ddakji from Squid Game?

What is Ddakji?

Ddakji 딱지 is a traditional South Korean game that uses folded paper tiles or Ddakji tiles. This game looks easy on the surface but it is a lot harder than it looks.

Can You Consistently Win?

Imagine you enter the world of Squid Game and the same salesman approached you inviting you to play Ddakji with a chance of winning 100,000won per game. And the more important question is can you win consistently? The answer is yes and you basically just need to hit the opponents tile as hard as you can with the largest surface area during contact. To explain, the more area you hit the tile with the higher the chance to flip the opponents tile. With this method, you can have a higher chance of winning consistently.

So if next time so handsome guy with a suit challenges you to a game of Ddakji with money on the line, you'll know what to do.